Monday, January 11, 2010

My Namesake

I can't believe I haven't blogged about one of the most important events in my life: the birth of a new grandchild in December. And get this...this adorable baby girl is named after her grandma. Her middle name is...hang on to your hat...Lolene! Guess who is going to be included in MY will???

Here is a picture of brand new little Grace Lolene Gifford, born December 3, 2009.

I always lament that my grandkids live far, far away. When I whined a few years ago, it used to mean New Jersey, Georgia, and Colorado. At least they're getting they're all in Colorado and Utah...but northern Utah. So there are no grandkids popping in and out like some of my friends and siblings have. Boo hoo. But boy, do I love them when I DO get to see them.


Ray and Mickie said...

what a beautiful little girl. how fun for grandma to have such a sweet little namesake. i always have liked the name lolene.

jen said...

Two beautiful Lolene's. I love that name Grace too.
So glad you got to go visit and cuddle that little bundle of fresh heaven.