Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shakespeare and Summer--Alas and alack...gone too soon!

I'm going to copy Juje's technique of squishing time together with this post. There are so many things I have wanted to blog about, but I simply haven't done it all summer long. So I will blab a tad about many things...starting with today and working backwards.

Who are these gorgeous chicks sitting in front of the SUSU theater fountain? Jill, Brenda, Leanne, me, Janna, and Marba...quality girls, I have to say.

Our book club (3rd ward R.S.) went as a group to see Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing." We read the play and chatted about it last month, so we were eager to see the stage performance.

Jill and Brenda hurry ahead to the theater. Note Jill's exquisite high heels. Note Brenda's exquisite long hair.

We're excited!

We spent some time in the souvenir shop both before and after the play. Couldn't resist the masks. I want to wear one to teach school.

Guess who each of these mysterious masked maidens are!

Of course the most mysterioso one is...ME!

The play was really good, by the way.