Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Home Teacher

This is my home teacher, Ruel Hopkins. We fondly call him George Gobel...check out the haircut. He is quite delightful. He tells us his dreams, like one night he he dreamed he could soar. I could picture him in his bib overalls, which he likes to wear while he is farming--and he is a farmer--soaring all around Hurricane. It created quite a picture in my mind.

Today Ruel brought his butterfly collection. Here he is, sharing it with Darwin.

We love Ruel, and we don't want them to ever give us a different home teacher. He plays the trumpet with the symphony, and he is really good. He also comes to our house any time we need him to, and assists in giving blessings. AND...he raises yummy fruit. Yay, Ruel!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Then and NOW!

So here's the pic I promised to post to offset the girly picture below. It's nice and definitely non-girly! Tee hee. I love you, Kendall!!!!

Big Sisters Are the Devil!!!

Poor Kendall. He had three older sisters who all hovered over him like a mother hen when he was growing up. But that's not the worst of it. As you can see by the picture, they dressed him up like a girl, makeup and all. I don't think that happened very often, but probably once is too many! I showed Kendall this picture tonight because it made me snort with laughter when I came across it. He wasn't so amused, even at his ripe old age. "That's blackmail material," he said. "You'd better not post it in a public place." But finally I talked him into it. I'll post a nice masculine, scruffy picture so everyone knows he wasn't permanently scarred by the experience. I think that Kate, Janna, and Shauna owe him something really good, don't you???