Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Home Teacher

This is my home teacher, Ruel Hopkins. We fondly call him George Gobel...check out the haircut. He is quite delightful. He tells us his dreams, like one night he he dreamed he could soar. I could picture him in his bib overalls, which he likes to wear while he is farming--and he is a farmer--soaring all around Hurricane. It created quite a picture in my mind.

Today Ruel brought his butterfly collection. Here he is, sharing it with Darwin.

We love Ruel, and we don't want them to ever give us a different home teacher. He plays the trumpet with the symphony, and he is really good. He also comes to our house any time we need him to, and assists in giving blessings. AND...he raises yummy fruit. Yay, Ruel!!!!

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The Diaz Family said...

I remember seeing him at In N Out. He was wearing his overalls then.