Monday, June 13, 2011

The Wasatch Back: My Summer Dream Home

I love southern Utah. I really do. But I love the summers less and less the older I get. I don’t do heat very well anymore. Brigham Young really had the right idea: winter in the south, summer in the north.

This is the summer home I want, right in the heart of Huntsville,Utah!

Darwin and I took a 43rd anniversary jaunt last week. We had a free night coming at a condominium in Huntsville, on the shores of Pineview Reservoir.Our condo is across the lake, tucked up on the shore clear on the left. See it, see it??? Of course you don't...this is too dark of a pic, but it's the only one I can find right now.

We both have a thing about Huntsville, now. It’s the most charming town. There are no curbs, no gutters, just green grass growing clear to the edge of the pavement.
Here's what people have in their backyards--green--horses--water. Sigh.

People actually live this way. I cannot believe it!

Here's a great place to eat--a few minutes away from Huntsville in Eden.

Julianne and her friends (Hayley, Cole, and Brett)came with us. It was FUN.

We saw a sign that beckoned us to a monastery a few miles away.
This is Father Patrick and me. He is my new BFF...and I do mean the forever part. He is a Trappist Monk and has taken a vow of stability, so he never leaves the monastery, except to get his teeth cleaned. He says his next move will be vertical...and that he'll save me a place. He sold me this honey.

Okay. I'm going to shut up now. But I really, really, REALLY do want a summer home in Huntsville. I don't care how high the snow drifts are in the winter, because I'll be my WINTER home in southern Utah!!!