Sunday, February 15, 2009

Today was fun!

Today I started Valentine's Day out right by eating heart pancakes...batter made from scratch by Darwin. It was "one of my GOOD batches," he said. I agreed. I only wish I had taken a picture of the heart I made! Darwin was a sweetie pie. He brought me white tulips. He knows they are my favorite flowers!

Darwin wanted to go to the annual St. George Parade of Homes. It was a beautiful day to go adventuring with my honey. So we loaded into the Santa Fe, and off we went. We only made it to five homes...or was it FOUR? We went clear out to The Ledges(on the way to Veyo...a gated community where very rich people live)...and worked our way back. You should go onto Facebook and see all the pics I posted. I didn't take nearly as many as usual, because my batteries were low.

AND...I took more scenery than homes, because it was a spectacular day. The skies were rain-washed and clean, the air was clear and cool, the clouds alternated between sunlight and shadow. I fell in love with southern Utah all over again. I think we live in an amazing place!

After we came home, we went out to eat at a new little cafe (where Parrot Head used to be...where Ted and Allen's started out.) It's now Britt's Cafe, and they were having a Valentine's special: steak and shrimp. They make their own rolls, their own soup, etc....and it was good! Aaron came with us, and we had a jolly good time. We ended the meal with a sinfully delicious chocolate cheesecake. Oh, how I wish I'd taken a all know how I love to photograph food. Can't believe I didn't!

Later, we went to a movie with Florie and Janna--Confessions of a Shopaholic. It was SO CUTE! You have to go see it. I laughed and cried. It was the perfect date movie/Valentine's Day flick.

Okay. I posted all my pics I took today on my Facebook account, and I'm go there and check it out. Just know that I love my husband dearly, and that I had a GREAT day!!!! (He even went to the store for Sunday food. What a good guy, huh!)

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The Cochran Buzz said...

Ya, I agree you do have a great husband.......but he has an amazing wife!
I think you are a fabulous photographer!!! Seriously, you could sell them, and make some serious cash. When I look at them I imagine them in a frame, in my house, on my walls.FABULOUS, AMAZING, and SPECTACULAR!!!!!!