Monday, January 18, 2010


Oh, how I love my family...and that includes my cousins...many of whom I hardly ever see. The only time we see each other is at funerals! I just re-established a connection with my cousin Kevin at Aunt Edna's funeral. He is a great photographer. Here's one of his I especially like. He calls is "the straight and narrow."

Another lovely cousin of mine, Quinta Beatty, passed away last week. Here's how she looked the last time I saw her.

Her funeral is Saturday next at 11:00 AM in Toquerville. I am singing a song she requested--Marty Robbins' "The Red Hills of Utah." I have sung this at more funerals than I can even remember...and I am honored that Quinta wanted this song sung at her funeral. I'm glad I can do one last thing for my bubbly, energetic, creative, talented cousin, Quinta...the first-born of my Gubler grandparents' grandchildren. (Did that foregoing sentence make sense? If not, too bad, because I'm too lazy to fix it!)

I remember Quinta when she was young and beautiful...and when I was, too!!! (compared to now!) I always thought she was classy...and so much fun to be around. I think she still looks beautiful in this picture. She aged well...but no more wrinkles, blindness, ill-health for her now. She is reunited with her sweetheart in the eternities. Way to go, Quinta!!! Say hi to my parents for me!


Angie said...

This blog is way too much fun! You people are kind of crazy, in a good way. I grew up in LaVerkin and I loved all those people. Thanks for this post to remind me of the great people and their lives.

Peggy Clyde. said...

I just found your blog. You are such a fun, fun lady. I loved working with you so long ago. Keep on having fun.