Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Harold the Snowman

Some people are just plain crazy. My family members ALL fall into this category. Case in point:

On New Year's Eve day, Darwin, Janna, and Julianne decided they wanted to build a snowman. One problem: NO SNOW. That didn't stop them, however. They loaded up in Darwin's little tan pickup and went to find a load of snow.

If you need snow, there's no place on earth prettier than...my mom's birthplace...Kolob!

Janna and Juje are makin' that snow FLY!!!

It was funny to watch the looks on people's faces driving by our house after they got back...there were many double-takes. Everyone slowed down to see what in the heck was going on.

Slowly, Harold began to emerge.

Paula's cute little grandson visiting from Las Vegas couldn't get enough of the snow.

As night came on, Darwin put up a spotlight and I made a sign for Harold to bring in the New Year. I am not kidding when I say that cars stopped like crazy. I mean, who has a snowman in their yard when there's absolutely no snow?

Crazy people, that's who! I married one and gave birth to a few others.

Harold the Snowman was quite a distraction for traffic on New Year's Eve. People stopped to have their pictures taken...to gawk...to goggle. We felt sort of famous. He lasted until the day someone knocked him over. I don't think he would have ever gone over on his own. His base was too stable. Dang teenagers.

There is still a small heap of Harold that dwindles each day. I think we should make bets on how long he will last. Dogs have peed on him...then we've seen children come and take a handful to eat. EEEEEYEW! Harold, you've brought joy (and disease!) to many!


Brooke said...

Oh MAN! My girls loved this post, as did I. You have the best stories to tell Lols. Love them all. Hope your New Year is a happy one. :)

jen said...

"We felt sort of famous." AAHHH. I could just hear you saying that in my head. And it made me smile. That is by far the best lookin' snowman I have ever laid virtual eyes on. Maybe this can become a tradition in Hurricane....go see the dancing lights house at christmas and Harold on NY Eve.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Ha! That's hilarious. I popped over from Jen's Fish Bowl.

Teenagers are dumb. I hope Harold gives them nightmares that make them wet the bed.