Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Irish Fetish

Ever since my bookclub had a theme dedicated to Ireland...Irish literature, books about Ireland, Irish authors...you could pick whatever interested you as long as it had strong Irish connections...I have been absolutely fascinated by Ireland. I chose to read about Ireland's long and troubled history. I read about the huge impact of the potato famine. I read about the on-going and current troubles (as they call it...The TROUBLES) between the Catholics and Protestants. OH, it is gripping stuff.

I read novels set in Ireland. I read novels by Irish authors. I literally wallowed in all things Irish. I loved it.

That's been almost a year ago...I think we did that theme in honor of St. Paddy's day 2011.

Here's what brought my Irish ramble on today:
I bought an 18-month mid-year calendar last year, IRELAND, when I spied it on sale in some local emporium...and I was about to toss it out today because we somehow acquired calendars galore (I adore calendars...good ones with cool art by the likes of Edward Hopper, or interesting photos...Greece was good, Ireland is awesome!), and we simply didn't need this gem anymore. BUT...I made the fatal mistake of sitting at the kitchen table and perusing the whole thing anew. I looked at the photos in detail, I read the captions, and I got fascinated all over again. ARRRGGGHHHH. It was ever thus.

Have you ever wondered why Ireland has no trees to speak of? The Emerald Isle is emerald green, but not because of trees. I decided to find out WHY today. Thus began an internet tour. I found out about Sitka spruce (fascinating) trees,

Did you know that they usually only grow in certain coastal regions and can get moisture from summer fogs? I now know where their native habitats are on Mother Earth! (Thanks for the pirated photos, Google images. Am I going to get sued for using these?)

I found out about a couple from Minnesota who have dedicated themselves to reforesting their 20 acres (another fascinating read)follow this LINK

The cover of my alluring calendar had these fabulous stones on a beach that looked like purchased pavers. I wondered if they were man-made for a moment. The magic of the internet told me that they were a natural wonder--or made by the giant Finn McCool--part of an amazing place called the Giant's Causeway. Who knew? I even know how it was formed, now. Ha!

My tour rambled from one interesting tidbit to another. (And believe me, I totally realized that I would NOT have the luxury of an internet knowledge cruise, which is the only type of cruise I am likely to go on, without me being disabled and not working right now!) I LOVE KNOWLEDGE CRUISES!!!!!!!!!!

How can I possibly toss this calendar into the trash now? Oh, shades of a hoarder! Grit your teeth, Lols. In it goes. Hence the blog to preserve the moment.

If I won a grand vacation in Ireland, I would not complain.


Juje said...

Let's go to Ireland, momma!!

Reno said...

I've always wanted to go to Ireland. It sounds wonderful.

Lolene said...

Anyone else want to go???