Sunday, December 4, 2011

Annual Clatter Day

It has happened again...the leaves on Paula's and Vera's Mulberry trees across the street have all fallen to the earth in one day. (See my blog in fall,2009) We have been making bets on when they would go...Yesterday they were like this:
And today they are like this.

I love the way mulberry trees let the leaves hang on and hang on in the fall, then suddenly one day decide, "Today I'm finished. Off ya' go, leaves!" And they really do make a clatter when they come down. They're NOISY little critters.

I feel bad I missed the yearly event by being in Church. The trees were absolutely nude by the time I got home, the shameless hussies!

I stole this photo off Lonnie Ballard, who posted it on facebook. I really did ask him for permission, but he didn't respond, so I just DID IT! He was saying how he had to clean the leaves off his car before he could go to church. SEE??? Those mulberry trees just don't care when they fling their leaves off.

Did I mention that I love, love, LOVE autumn?

Now we shall talk about the fact that the Gifford's have not ONE Christmas light up yet...nary a one. Every weekend it seems like there is a reason we haven't been able to drag the lights out of storage and string them about. Yesterday, our dryer went kaput, and it seemed more important for Darwin to fix that nagging little problem. It's always something. Our neighbors have put us to shame...we are surrounded by lights...but alas and alack...we are still gloomy and dark. Maybe we'll have them up by Christmas. Then we can leave them up till the daffodils poke their heads through the frozen ground!

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Reno said...

I bet there's plenty of light and warmth inside that Gifford home!