Sunday, August 22, 2010

2010: Year in Review Continued

This review is under construction...I want to catch up to August, for heaven's sake. At least I'm up to February, eh????

FEBRUARY: Aaron, Pancakes, and the Parade of Homes:
(Oh. And donkeys thrown in at no extra charge.)

This is my eldest son Aaron. He turned 40 in February. Yikes! I'm far too young to have a forty-year-old! But look how winsome he looks. He needs a wife. Anyone???

Darwin is a pancake maker par excellence! He has a secret recipe handed down from father to son. They are fondly known as "Dad's Pancakes."

We're always excited when the Parade of Homes rolls around--usually on President's Day weekend. I am so snap-happy that I usually fill a whole card with home shots. You are lucky that I'm only posting a couple.

I found that I was more interested in the people shots than I was home shots this year. This guys was in the garage of one home, peddling his wares--the western art you see in the background. He was happy to pose for me. Isn't he awesome?

These two mountain men were in a tent outside one of the homes in Elim Valley. I thought they were adorable, hawking their wares.

Oh, Janna...there are easier ways to get a free carrot!!!!

We stopped in Virgin to feed the donkeys. Burro had instant rapport with this one! They bonded!

The donkeys were sad to see us go!


The Cochran Buzz said...

I love those pancakes!!! Glad you had a great time at the parade of homes! I couldn't *still can't* believe my eyes! Is Janna really sharing a carrot with Mountain Man Dan? Hahahaha. I was actually wondering when I'd see a blog from you again! I also have a love for the donkeys! We had one we'd feed in Glendale. We loved to make it cry by pretending like we were getting in the car. Haha.

Lolene said...

I love you for leaving me a little comment, Teals! Yay for ALL donkeys!!!