Sunday, August 22, 2010

2010: Year in Review

February 6, 2010 - Barry Anderson's funeral at Cane Beds

My brother Norman's old crony, Barry Anderson, passed away in February. Norm asked me to come sing at his graveside service. I'm so glad I went. It may have been the best funeral I've ever been to!

Barry's son Eric is on the left, with Corinne and Dell Stout (who was asked to speak). Note the fact the we are all outside in the red hills of guess what song I was supposed to sing? You're so brilliant! Of course it was Marty Robbins' Red Hills of Utah--probably the hundredth time I've sung this song at a funeral. This was definitely a fitting setting.
Norman, my sweet brother with muscular dystrophy, played his trusty harmonica. It was perfect.
My beloved husband toted my guitar case as usual, looking very handsome, as usual, too! Hugga dugga!
We were all standing around in the red dirt of Utah, with Barry's coffin right next to us. Can you see the picture of Barry in the background?
I sang my heart out for Barry. Look at me wail.
Friends and neighbors of the deceased were invited to speak their was sort of like "open mic" graveside. There were heartfelt feelings expressed, and no holds were barred. People were talking politics, religion, whatever their little hearts desired. It was casual. It was controversial. It was AWESOME!
This is one of Barry's neighbors working the crowd. He was GOOD!
I could not resist snapping secret photos of faces in the crowd. That's what follows:

Don't you wish you had been there? It was a real send-off for Barry, who was a rugged individualist himself. Bye, Barry. Thanks for letting me sing for you!

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The Cochran Buzz said...

Looks like it was a very interesting funeral. I love people watching.....and listening too!!!
I think you look so cute in the pic of you singing. I really love your cuteness inside and out!