Monday, April 13, 2009

An Interview with Harrison Hannon

When Darwin and I were in Colorado during spring break, I took a rare moment alone with my grandson Harrison to interview him. I want to do this same thing with all my grandchildren...but this is Harrison's turn! Harrison is Katie and John's oldest son...who will be 11 in July.

Me: What is your FULL name?
Harrison: Harrison Peter John Hannon (that's what he gets for having a dad whose parents hail from England...I mean, have you ever checked out the LONG names that British royalty have????)
Me: How do you feel about having four names?
Harrison: (he just looks at me like I'm crazy!)No comment.
Me: What are your favorite foods in the whole world?
Harrison: (without hesitation!) Chicken. Steak. Fries. (he is a meat and potatoes man like his Grandpa Gifford!!!!)
Me: Favorite colors?
Harry: Red, green, and silver.
Me: Those sound like Christmas colors!
Harry: Well, Christmas is my favorite holiday. I like the tree and the decorations...and I honestly DO like the presents!!!!
Me: Do you like school?
Harry: of it.
Me: What parts do you like?
Harry: P.E. -- I like it when they bring out the parachute. We make an igloo inside. We try to set a record of staying in the igloo the longest.
Me: (I'll bet the teachers love that game, too...I can hear it now, "Okay, class...the last class lasted 10 minutes!!! Can you beat THAT record??? Can you do it in complete SILENCE????)
Me: Who is your teacher?
Harry: Mrs. Benson.
Me: Do you like her?
Harry: Yeah, she's all right.
Me: What books do you like?
Harry: Captain Underpants. (Parents, don't knock it till you've read it! They really are quite funny books!)
Me: Where would you go if you could go anywhere you want?
Harry: Hawaii (I want to go, too!)
Me: What do you enjoy doing when you get to choose whatever you want?
Harry: I love to play video games. That's what I was MADE for! I like Super Smash Brothers Brawl. (I hope I got that right!)
Me: Favorite TV shows?
Harry: I like cartoons--like Spongebob, Star Wars, and Pokemon. I have a huge collection of Pokemon cards.
Me: If you could be a character from a video game or a TV show, who would you be?
Harry: I'd be a villain. I am invincible, SUPER STRONG villain.
Me: Why would you be a villain???
Harry: Because villains wear cooler clothes.
Me: Well...we've come to the end of our interview. What about your favorite season?
Harry: Oh, summer...definitely summer.
Me: Why?
Harry: Because there's NO SCHOOL!


Julianne said...

Ha ha. I loved this. Harrison is so cute.

Brooke said...

Very Cute Idea! I look forward to the rest of the grandkid interviews..your the best second grade teacher I ever had! lol
no really though you are awesome!!

Katoolus said...

Loved it. Was there any more than that? I ask because he's really hard to shut up sometimes. LOL!

Lolene said...

It was a fairly short interview...he got distracted by what everyone else was doing at the time, so he was FINISHED! I loved every minute of it!

The Diaz Family said...

That is so Harrison! I can even imagine his voice giving the answers. That kid makes me laugh like crazy.