Monday, June 23, 2014

What??? It's been two years already???

I find myself with an insatiable urge to blog suddenly.  Never you mind if no one reads it. Why would they when there's been no action here for two years?

I made a healthy thing and an unhealthy thing today.  I made this delicious non-fat yogurt, spinach, frozen half banana,  and pineapple-in-its-own-juice, Usana Super Power powder smoothie.  

Now I remember why I get frustrated blogging.  I can't make the pictures go where I want them.  And..why can't I get the text to wrap?  Arrrgggghhhh.  If YOU know, tell me!  (See how I secretly think someone will find this and actually READ it?)

Here comes the unhealthy item:  I just took a Fiesta Banana Cake with walnuts out of the oven. It smells heavenly. Arrrrgggghhh again.  I just clicked on the link I cleverly inserted above and it says error.  It should send me into the fabulous cloud to my google drive, where I have the recipe.  Google hates me.

On a happier note, Darwin and I saw this cool tree trunk yesterday.

Can you see the jibbering face?

We also saw this adorable girl yesterday...our little Millie Cakes (Julianne and Austin's baby daughter, Amelia Kate Beecher).  Oh, we're in grandparent heaven having an actual baby close by who we can help spoil, love, kiss like crazy, and cuddle till the cuddlin's done!!!

But wait, wait...there's MORE!  We got another grand baby...Andy and Jill's 7th (Yes, I said SEVENTH!!!) child, Stewart Henry Gifford.  The number 7 is magic.  I'm the seventh out of 7, I had 7 kids, and Jujie is my 7th.  What would we do without her? Or any of the ones who came before???

So my 7th child's 1st child met my 2nd child's 7th child (ha, ha, couldn't resist.  I love amusing myself) a week or so ago...Stewart is only a week or so old in these pics...and Millie 2 months.  The pics are blurry, but I find them cute and hilarious.
Millie is apprehensive, Stewart is chill.  (And only a few days old!!!)
Uh, oh.  The closer he gets, the scarier it is to have a boy cousin!

Tee hee.  Millie is NOT a happy camper.

Complete change of subject:
I love this girl.  I've know her since she was a smiling Sunbeam in Primary, sitting on the front row while I led the music...face beaming with joy, and singing at the top of her lungs.  I fell in love right then.  I've watched her grow up, because the Beatty's live only two houses away.  I was her Laurel leader.  I still loved her!
Naomi Beatty, daughter of Rick and Kelli Beatty
She is as good as she is beautiful.

Naomi completely flabbergasted me one Sunday a month or more ago.  She asked me to sing in her missionary farewell.  Now, you must understand...Naomi's whole family is musical.  They sing.  They play instruments.  They are talented.  They often sing together.  And she was asking...ME???  I immediately teared up.  I almost couldn't understand why she asked me.

Well, I searched around for missionary farewell songs.  None of them struck me for Naomi.  So I decided to write one.  I wanted the theme of light...both Naomi's light and the Savior's light...shining forth to the world.  My dear nephew, John Houston, added accompaniment for me.  He is magic that way.  He exudes music like Naomi exudes light.  How lucky was I???

John played for me yesterday at Church while I sang.  I really felt the lyrics of the song...and I think other people did, too.  Here are the lyrics.  I will add an audio clip after I record it at John's studio.

Song for Naomi
(Naomi, singing as a Sunbeam in Primary)
Tell me the stories of Jesus...I love to hear.
Things I would ask him to tell me...if he were here…
Scenes by the wayside, tales of the sea,
Stories of Jesus, tell them to me.

1. As a Sunbeam on the front row your face shone with joy,
Light streamed from you like the sun in the sky…
When you spoke of His love---
Reflecting light from above.
I had to wipe a stray tear from my eye.

2. Let that same light shine forth as you go serve the Lord.
Share gospel truths - with all of the world.
Let His children all know
That He loves them so
And the banner of truth’s been unfurled.

Light, light, shine forth to the world
Truth, truth, from the Lord…
God will protect you, He will defend you,
His light and His love be your guard…

3. Naomi, keep that light shining, though the journey gets hard.
Find His lost sheep….who have strayed from the fold.
Let His children all know
That He loves them so
Stand up for the truth and be bold.

(Repeat chorus twice, key change 2nd time)

The redhead is Naomi!  She leaves for the MTC in Mexico City TOMORROW! They are about to be bombarded with LIGHT.

God bless you and keep you, Hermana Beatty.


Julianne Beecher said...

Atta girl Lols. Keep blogging! I'll always read it. Because it automatically pops up in my tricky blog-reader app.

Lolene said...

I need that tricky blog reader app. Is it called tricky blog reader app?
Janna said she can't leave comments. I wonder why. Maybe she needs that app.

Leanne Worwood said...

Sweet! So much fun info. Thanks for sharing!

Becky said...

So glad you are back! I always read your blog, because I don't get to see you enough. Love you, and I loved the song can't wait to hear it sung by you.

Jen said...

Well, I am behind reading my tricky reader because, well, Baby. But I think your song is very beautiful, and I bet you won't read my comment for another year. That is okay.

I like, which I can log in and catch up upon at will.

Congrats on the lovely grandbabies!