Friday, October 15, 2010

My Mother, the Author

Alice Isom Gubler Sabin Stratton

Aaron has been doing a fabulous thing...putting my mother's writings online for all to view. Here's the link to his website.

He is doing a fabulous job of putting her book, Look to the Stars, online...and also linking all of her published works so we can easily find them. Have a look!


Mamie said...

Lolene, I was intrigued by your mention of your mother's writings, and I started looking at her book online. When I saw the mention of William Crawford of Rockville, I shouted to my husband: "Terry, you're related to my teacher friend Lolene!" His mother is Ellen Crawford Barton, daughter of Samuel Heber Crawford and Mildred Cottam Crawford. Samuel is probably William Crawford's son, or maybe grandson. There's probably also a Cottam/Gubler connection as well. How cools is that?! ~Amy Salyer Barton

From the lil' brick house on the Corner said...

Hey Lols, I am so sad to find that I am not on your list of blogs to follow. You better add me:) Love your blog and your pictures. You are quite the littel photographer. Can't wait to really get to know even more through your blog:).

Ms. Fish said...

What a very, very cool thing to have your mother's writing on the web. I can't wait to take a look-see. Just as soon as I'm out of school....then I'll have time for fun stuff like that.

PS: I love your blog!!