Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October is getting older...

"And when October goes, the same old dream appears..."
The days are getting shorter, the leaves are getting brittle and beat-up looking...FINALLY turning breezes hint at colder weather yet to come, the skies seem bluer and wider, and I feel melancholy/nostalgic. I just downloaded the Barry Manilow song "When October Goes," after I wrote the first of this epistle. Wow. I had forgotten how much I liked this song. Click here for a link that tells how Manilow wrote the music to an old Johnny Mercer lyric.
You should give it a listen on iTunes.

I had this song on an old Manilow cassette tape called 2:00 AM, Paradise Cafe. I remember playing the October song over and over while I sewed dance festival dresses in the study in the old pioneer home. Isn't it funny? A few bars of a song, and I am immediately transported back in time. I can even see the fabric slipping under the presser foot of my sewing machine as I sewed ruffles while Barry wailed. Amazing.

Smells do that to me, too...instant time travel to a specific time and place, complete with emotions of that moment.


The Cochran Buzz said...

Just talking about the Dance Festival take me back.....oh, the good ol' days of Hurricane!

Dawn Writer said...

That song was playing in my head just the other day, Lolene. October leaves me with the same sense of "melancholy/nostalgia". I love how you express that in words. With the nostalgia for Octobers past comes a burst of laughter, however, as I remember how Todd and I carpooled to SUSC with you, Stan Liddle, and John Houston way back in Oct. '85! Good times squeezed into your little blue Toyota Celica.

The Diaz Family said...

I remember hearing that song. I've always loved it too. I heart Barry Manilow!