Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wish List

Well, why not? Julianne asked me to post my Christmas wish list. Let's just get world peace out of the way first, okay? Here is my totally selfish, ME, ME, ME wish list:
*Memory foam slippers for my polio infested tootsies, to soothe them at the end of a long school day on my feet...
*Hair products (cool ones), like deep strength moisturizers, etc.
*A manicure with the tricky Magif stuff to make my nails shine with glee...
*Earrings - light ones, but CUTE ones. Oh, how I like them, even if my ears don't!
*Refills on my Bare Minerals makeup - just the basic one
*Wonderful, comfy shoes - black ones - to wear to work
*Any beautiful music - mixes from my kids who have great music libraries
*Select movies - Nacho Libre (I AM a sucker for Jack Black!); Any of my favorite musicals in blue ray or high def (My Fair Lady, Fiddler On the Roof, Music Man)Mama Mia,
*Scriptures - a quad
*Any good Church history books that I don't have
*A VERY COOL 2009 calendar
*iPod - I want this a LOT, since my old one appears to be dead
*Microsoft Office suite 2007 for my downstairs computer
*Photo software - Adobe Photo????
*All the windows in my house washed till they shine like the top of the Chrysler building!!!!
*A sewing machine, since Juje is taking hers to school, selfish girl!
*Home-cooked meal cooked by people other than me!!!!
*My very own house elf - that would take care of it.
*A cheese cutter
*Free time to read!!!!
*Last, but not least...some Pizza Factory pizza! (See image!) Oh, how I do love to take pictures of food!

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