Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oh, how times have changed!

We are having family time this Sabbath evening:
Aaron, Janna, and I are sitting around the kitchen table, each with a laptop in front of him/her. We are quite companionable as we do our own cruising and sharing. So far, Aaron has shown us a cool youtube video of someone singing a tribute to John Williams' fabulous movie themes...only they all have words. It's so worth a listen. I posted the link right on this blog--You Tube faves, I think.

There IS a homemade (to distinguish it from cake mix!) chocolate cake baking in the oven, thanks to Janna and Kendall, and the smell is fabulous. If you want the recipe, look on the Hershey's cocoa can. Janna says she uses more vanilla, a LOT less sugar, more cocoa. Speaking of cooking--Darwin, Aaron, and Kendall cooked dinner tonight while I languished in my grotty pjs and thought benevolent thoughts. I need a shower!

I am FINALLY getting over my crud. I still can't sing, but I CAN talk, and that is such a blessing. What am I without my voicebox???

The Worwoods came to visit today, and it was DELIGHTFUL! Oh, how we love them. We talked, laughed, shared favorite books, movies, etc...and just generally enjoyed each other's company. I still want Juje to marry Dan when he gets home from his mission. We all do. But I guess the couple in question may have their own ideas!!! I think arranged marriages are highly underrated.

I am so excited to be going to Colorado for Thanksgiving--grandkids, AHOY!!!! I should have a grandkid slideshow on here. By jingo, I will when I can figure out how to do it!


The Cochran Buzz said...

I think I am totally your #1 blogger fan!!
I hope you get all the way better.
You have the best vocab that make your stories 10 times better than anyone elses.
You should write a book because I can smell the chocolate cake baking in the oven!

Kimber said...

I'm all for the arranged wedding idea!!! Haha...dang, I wish I could have come over with my family. I need to sing ya'll some opera some time! Love ya Lols!