Monday, December 3, 2007

I'm SO technological...

It must be because I've entered a new decade with my 6oth birthday just past. Or it could be that my kids and my job force me into technology whether I want to go on the journey, or not. But here I am, starting my career as a blogger. HECK, I don't even know what bloggers are supposed to do!

I went furniture shopping over the weekend, with Janna and Julianne. Kendall and Darwin were gone to Salt Lake to a Jazz game, so there were no men around to stop the fun. We girls had a blast, browsing through Tai Pan Trading Company, oohing and ahhing over the Christmas decorations, going to the health food store and scarfing up free samples while waiting for the scooter contest (you had to be there to win. We lost!), strolling through Boulevard Home Furnishings while trying to find the perfect couch. Speaking of the perfect couch--my criteria this day was all about saving money. A saleslady told us that there was a Saturday Special going on that would ONLY be for that day...a sofa, a loveseat, and three tables (end and coffee) for only $499. It really was a good deal, because we even liked the furniture. So in the end, I went for it. Now I'm having a little buyer's remorse, because I can't even remember what the darn things looked like. Will they be cheap and trashy when I look at them tomorrow when they are delivered? Will I regret not paying more for what I REALLY want? Oh, life was ever thus--good deals warring with aesthetics.

They will deliver the furniture tomorrow. Kendall will help move things about to accommodate the new stuff. We will finally pitch the couch in the tv room downstairs--the Naugahyde one with the big rips that are taped--and the whole thing covered with a rather jaunty slipcover that Janna bought to make us look decent. The yellow flowered couches will be stuffed downstairs. Will they fit? We'll see. I am excited, yet nervous.

Who will ever SEE this blog but me? I don't know.


DarDar said...

Oh what a great blogger you have turned out to be. I can't believe I'm married to such a smart women and good looking too. Dad

Julianne said...

I will read it!!